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What are your three favorite bassists? Mine:

1. David J.
2. Simon Gallup.
3. Nick O'Malley
1, Nick Oliveri (Qotsa)
2. Paul McCartney
3. Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane)
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1.) Steve Harris
2.) Geezer Butler
3.) Cliff Williams

It's pretty much a toss up between one and two.

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Al Cisneros
Geezer Butler
Noel Redding

My favorites, not necessarily the greatest.
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1. Justin Chancellor
2. Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu
3. Geddy Lee
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1. Cliff Burton
2. Billy Sheehan
3. Paul McCartney
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Victor Wooten, Chris Wolstenholme, Suzie Quatro.

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Jesse F. Keeler - Death From Above 1979
Dan Briggs - BTBAM
Tim Ward - Fall Of Troy

Plenty more I really admire, but I go in phases with tone/technique, and these are my current favourite players.
Steve Harris
Justin Chancellor
Daryl Jenifer
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1. Mark Michell (Scale the Summit)
2. Marcus Miller
3. Edgar Meyer (Upright player, PHENOMENAL Bassist!!!)
1) Marcus Miller (raw awesomeness)
2) Flea (raw instinctual playing)
3) Jaco (raw skill)

1. Geddy Lee
2. Chris Edwards(Kasabian), even if Karloff wrote the bassline for Club Foot
3. Justin Chancellor

I honestly think half the forum chose atleast one of these.
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Geddy Lee, John Myung, and John Entwhistle. Oh, and with an honorable mention to...oh, hell! I forgot who gets the honorable mention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: I remember: Billy Sheehan!
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Geddy Lee (reason I first picked up a bass)
Justin Chancellor (huge innovator and big inspiration)
P-Nut (great, fun player)
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Flea (RHCP...)
John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)
Paul Mccartney, John Entwistle, Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler...

No particular order
1.Alex Webster
2.Frank Sargeant
3.Troy Sanders
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"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
No particular order:
Ox Entwhistle
Beefcake The Mighty

Honorable Mentions:
Alex Webster (fingerstyle?!?!)
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What are your three favorite bassists? Mine:

1. David J.
2. Simon Gallup.
3. Nick O'Malley

1. Alan Lancaster
2. Dusty Hill
3. Mark Evans

Just three off the top of my head. There are many more and I have no favorites. Just player who entertain me with sound. Not about entertaining me "technically"

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