This is the intro track for a metal demo I am recording. I'd love to hear some thoughts! If anyone wants to know what I used to record with my 0 dollar budget I'll happily give some deets.
really nice dude, reminds me abit of opeth, when they did tracks like this really good, keep it up
Dräugr- Arms of Many-Coloured Glass is so good, subscribed to u, its like listening to the first two albums of opeth its incredible
Thanks guys! I'm working on 3 more tracks right now. The metal ones! One is a reworked version of Arms of Many-Coloured Glass. It won't have the same sound quality, but I think the composition works a little better, especially the drums. I'm using a Wii Logitech usb mic, and I don't have an audio interface unfortunately. With a little EQ and some saturation, however, things are sounding surprisingly decent.