Can I haz moar delay?

I've been through more delays in the past couple months than I'd want to admit. Added these two to my board that will definitely be staying. I know these two pedals aren't well known on this forum but well worth the recognition.

The first is an Empress SuperDelay with the limited edition unpainted housing. I am thoroughly impressed with this thing. It is by far the most user-friendly multi-mode delay I've had. There are not any menus to have to scroll through or never ending parameters to assign/tweak/retweak. It's a straight up what you see if what you get delay where each delay mode excels in its own way. The only small nit picking I have is with the preset switching system, which really isn't bad. I'll be keeping a close eye on what Empress has up their sleeve, as Steve said there's potential for a future delay with two different preset switching options.

The second is an Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport. This is a solid delay. My initial reaction was slight disappointment which quickly faded once I started messing with the settings by ear instead of where my eyes thought they should be. The switchable modulation is a huge plus. For a digital delay, the warmth of this pedal would make anyone think it were analog. I had to do a double take on the manual to see if it were digital.

Here's a quick new song idea/demo that the Empress sparked while I was creating my presets:

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This is my kind of new pedal day! Nice pick up man.

I've never seen the unprinted empress before. Looks waaaay better.

Also, stop by the gear for post rock thread some time. Lots of delay, eqd, and empress love in there.
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Thanks guys! I've really been enjoying these pedals especially since they're so straight forward to dial in and allow me to concentrate on playing instead of endless tweaking, parameters, and usual nonsense that comes with most pedals.

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This is my kind of new pedal day! Nice pick up man.

I've never seen the unprinted empress before. Looks waaaay better.

Also, stop by the gear for post rock thread some time. Lots of delay, eqd, and empress love in there.

The unfinished SuperDelay is pretty badass compared to the Microsoft Paint color explosion going on with the usual finish I believe there were only 30 unfinished versions released. I'm not even sure which number I've got. Kind of curious to check the box now.

I'll take a look and see what's up in that post rock thread. Sounds like a place I should be lurking in.
nice! i love what i have heard from the empress.

i am not huge into delay for what i play, i just have a cheapish Malekko 616 does all i ever need it to.

but i have always wanted the SuperDelay if i wre to get another one. that one exact.
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