The drums are also a part of music. This instrument is complete our music.

Hey,welcome and Try to make a rough guess of how many calories you burn every day. Once you have a good guess, write the total down. Your goal is to eat more calories per day than that number, or decrease that number by doing less each day than you are used to. As long as you're taking in more calories than you're burning off, they will eventually convert to fat. Especially if your goal is to gain more than a few pounds, you should expect to notice a drastic change in the way people treat you as you become fatter. Overweight people are treated poorly by a wide swath of the population because they are seen as irresponsible, lazy, and generally insignificant. Though this isn't usually the case, the paradigm still exists. Prepare yourself to deal with sidelong glances and unpleasant looks so that you will be able to shrug them off.

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