This has been bugging me for months, as I work in a guitar shop and I see this picture all the time on the box for this Shure wireless system, and I've been wondering what kind of bridge is on this dude's guitar. Here's the picture that's on the box in question. https://webshop.cashconverters.com.au/thumbnail/850x520/1790677-shure-wireless-guitar-system-pg4-pg1-and-wa302-4.jpg

Look at the bridge/trem system. It looks to me like a Bigsby style handle, but then it has the little fine tuning knobs like a Floyd Rose. I was thinking maybe it's some high end version of a bigsby that I'd never heard of, but I just looked on their site, and none of their models look like that. Anybody know what kind of bridge that is?
Looks like the Kahler system they put on a few Les Pauls in the early 80's.

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Actually, that's not a Kahler, if you zoom in, you'll see there is what looks like a Tune-O-Matic or some other separate bridge there (highly pixelated).

I think it's one of these Les Paul "Stop Tail Tremolo" type tailpieces like this one

or maybe this one with fine tuners
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Only thing is I think it's some oddball variant as up close in zoom it looks like there is some kind of bar between the tailpiece and bridge that gives good breakover angle behind as the tailpiece sits at the same height as the bridge saddles. It's a weird piece of hardware, that much is for sure.
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