Really good dude, just seems like there's not much bass? and maybe sort out the levels sometimes the vocals are getting drowned, the riffs, vocals and solo is good, maybe add something that makes the vocals more powerful/ louder ( no idea what that would be) otherwise really good.
You have a youtube channel?
Also did u write it all or you in a band :P

C4C if u can
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Thanks! I wrote and performed it all (well the drums are midi, but damn good midi). I'm surprised to hear that about the bass. I think the issue is the attack of the bass isn't really cutting through, and I'd agree with that. But its resonate as all hell, its the bassiest track I've made so far. I'm working on mixing the vocals (as I cut better takes for each part), right now they're saturated in chorus and effects until I get them where I want them lol.