You always have a ton of quality songs. Good to hear your still at it. First song is pretty trippy/ambient. Reminds me of Tame Impala/Jane's Addiction for some reason. Very strange combination but it works pretty well here. The ambient effects are very trippy and display your electronic knowledge. Just before the 2 minute mark is a really great one that gets to me. As for your vocals (I'm assuming its you?) and if it is you, damn good job hahah! Actually reminds me a bit more of Rush now that I think about it. You have a damn good falsetto and high range dude.

I'm interested in this second one. The bass and drums make a good intro. The guitar line comes in as a bit underwhelming but thats ok. Needs a high range synth to make it trippy I guess in that intro. The vocals sound very strange to me, definetly haven't heard something like this before. I definetly wouldn't call this metal, but that's ok as well. Probably would label it as alternative. The guitar solo sounds dope as ****, the sheer quality of the tone is delicious. Seriously, I wasn't expecting that kind of solo at all, that blew me away dude, great job! I'm not used the vocal lines at all as in its not what I normally listen to. In terms of originality, you've gone above and beyond. You've taken this sound and made it yours. THe outro solo/guitar effect is nice and ominous. Once again, very strange songs. But I'm sure you were aiming for that. You killed it on these. I'm also very impressed by your immense amount of songs on that page!

C4C? I have an electronic song and a metal one and I'll post the links respectively.
Thank you for replying, I appreciate it! I did everything (including the singing) on both songs.
Serious 80's synthpop vibe going on in the first song. Nice sounds all around.

In the second song I'd suggest spending more time on the drum programming. The beat was very monotonous and could use some variation. Otherwise I think you nailed the vibe you were going for with this one.

Production wise I felt everything could use a bit more brightness. Things tended to sound very dull and muddy in the mid to low end. I'd suggest doing low cuts on the the guitars to keep them from interfering with the bass.
Your stuff is always nice dude. You just did an amazing job in I Call You Up, you also did at Where You're at 2, though I feel the guitar has too much low end and too little brightness.

I always love the way you process your vocals. And in Where You're at 2 the verses and the chorus sound like were recorded by two different singers, and that's just incredible man! The drums could be less repetitive, in my opinion.

Keep up the great job, man.
The riffs in where you're at 2 seems a bit boring to me, no offense. On the other hand the vocals add something that makes you forget about that. Makes everything seem different, which is great. The solo is awesome, good tone and good choice of notes.
The song sounds good, kind of trippy so not really my taste, but it sounds good nevertheless
I Call You Up: Sorry, I don't really see anything to fix, but it's also a genre I'm completely unfamiliar with. I did like that you varied things like background synths, beats, etc. Meaning it wasn't just one drum beat the entire song, and there was enough going on to keep me interested.

When You're At 2: When you transition from the chorus (or verse), I am not sure which is which honestly, but what I would do (just my opinion remember), is split up the vocals into two "tones". One with the trippy reverb vocals and then one with a more aggressive "punchy" "yell" kind of vocal, and then differentiate the verses and chorus more with adding a bit of "angriness" to the bass and guitars. I'm sorry, hard to describe, but the general point is to make two distinct sections from the chorus and verses. I get lost in it all and while I thought the song was weird in a cool way, I can't remember any of it right now and would have to play it back again. Love the guitar solo, unique and fit the song perfectly.

In all, it's not my cup of tea, but I can't fault you on much anything. It's unique and interesting for sure which is great.
Yeah I also don't know what to say about the first track. I don't know much about electronic music but it sounds fine by my ears Catchy too.

The second one was okay but the vocals were really high in the mix. I'd also change the kick sample and just generally dirty it up. Pretty typical heavy metal song.
Both cool sounding songs. I personally feel the vocals are a little bit too loud.

Really cool use of effects on both tracks. Keep up the great work!
Very weird style :P ( at least to me)
I listened to both tracks and they r very proggy and trippy. I dont know what to make of the feel, reminds me of being on a hallucinogen :P
Where you're at 2 became catchier the more i listened and reminded me abit of a heavy pixies :P
I think what drchek said about adding brightness might work too, but then again maybe you want it like that
Not too familiar to this style, but all in all i think it sounds good. keep it up
Listened to I Call You Up and it's definitely unique. Kind of a weird electronica rock. The vocals seem a bit pitchy at parts, but other than that it's good.
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"I Call You Up" was the one I listened to first and while it isn't a style I am familiar with (must be a good thing) I thought the production was / is awesome. I cant imagine how you did it. The effects are especially cool however I did prefer "Where You're At 2" because of the stronger guitar parts. The riff reminded me of Marylin Mansons mechanical animals and while im not a fan of his. I did like the tone alot. The solo was cool and interesting too. I love the whammy parts. Very professional overall sound.
Great tracks. I'd be interested to know who your influences are. Not quite sure how to classify it but I liked it. Pretty original. Seems like a real mix of styles. Think they need a few more listens and it will really grow on me. Particularly liked the track 'I Call You Up'. Has some really interesting atmospheres. Sounded 'industrial' in parts but I could be wrong. Very distinctive vocal style too.
I like Where You're At Two. The music and the lo-fi chords sound Nirvana-esque, but the vocals sound more like Layne Staley singing underwater. The effect on the vocals itself turns the vocals into an instrument of it's own. This definitely fits the alt rock style, with the yin/yang of low production (on purpose) mixed with effects and thick tones.

Here's my song A Lumberjack Enraged Follow me on Soundcloud (if you like what you hear), because I'll be releasing more songs in the coming weeks. Thanks!
Hy aaron,

i listend to "i call you up" and this is what i have to say. In the beginning it sounds very trippy, which i liked a lot. The sound of your voice on top of the music fits really well. When the bass has it's moment it reminds me, good or not, a little bit of primus. (for me it's a good thing :-D). Altogehter it's a really good piece of music and shows your creativity really good.

Where you're at 2: The voice and the effects are over the top. The guitar solo was something that I wouldn't expect but it was well played and fitted the song. With that kind of sound you are playing in your own league.

Keep up the good work!
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I would agree "I Call You Up" has some slight elements of industrial. What are my influences? They are many. Here are a few: Van Halen, New Order, Dick Dale, Depeche Mode, The Cure, the Cars, Blanc Mange, Gary Numan, and many others.
Thanks for the feedback on my track.

I gave "I call you up" a listen. You're voice reminds me alot of Roger Waters for some reason, maybe the way you sing, or the tone, can't quite work it out. Nice blend of styles, seems like 80s pop electronica at times but then also seems like darker industrial, and has a bit of a Kraftwerk sound too.
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The second track, I agree the vocals are too loud. The bass tone is awesome though. I like the vocal effects, the track has kind of a "Another Brick in the Wall" angst about it that I like. Good creative lead as well.
woah, trippy stuff like everyone else has been saying haha. really slick production and lots of interesting sounds going on, especially with the synths. I like the breaks from vocals you include at 1:30 and 3:10, good way to close out the song. more trippy stuff happening with the vocals in Where You're At 2. I don't think they're too loud, but they might be on other people's speakers/headphones. guitar solo was pretty solid. typically I don't like everything panned in the center, but you made it work well with the reverb/echoes occupying the left and right sides. good stuff dude.
Sorry I took so long to get back to reviewing your stuff. Here goes:

"I Call You Up" is...not my usual taste in music, but doesn't mean I can't appreciate it. The reverb on vocals would be a little much for other styles, but it really works here. The chorus with the overdriven guitars was VERY catchy - well, it was just really catchy in general. The production is, and I can't stress this enough, PHENOMENAL. All in all, excellent track.

"Where You're At 2" - the tones could be better. The bass was too bright at first, but it fit in better later. The guitar tones were too dull though, and I'd roll back the verb on the vocals a tiny bit. Reminded me of Alice in Chains, which is a very good thing. Very catchy riff. Really, nothing wrong with the song itself. The wah on the solo is tasteful and only reinforces the AIC similarities.

Very nice stuff, man, I don't have a Soundclick account but I'll be keeping an eye on your page.
Sorry for the long delay with the c4c!

"I call you up" - not really my type of music. Has a pretty cool video game vibe to it though, which I can dig!

"Where you're at 2" - personally don't like this style of vocals very much. And as others have said, the mixing and guitar/bass tones could be better. Something I really dig though is that this has a very unique quality to it you don't really hear in a lot of recordings. Keep writing man!