i have a marshall avt 150h head and 4x12 cabinet...
i play blues/rock and sometimes wanna play hard rock....and my guitar is fender strato caster american deluxe hss.
i dont know what i must to do for my amp... change it with another amp or not, can this amp be good for me and give me the sounds that i need ?
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Well you already have it.

Are you happy with it?

Does it give you the tones you want?
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its sound is not like that what i like and i want... i play blues and rock more than hard rock or metal... whats your recommend ? do you know an amp that can support me ?
in my opinion the AVT series is quite poor in general.

do you like the Marshall crunch tone? or are you looking for some thing else?

if you want the marshall crunch for a good price i would recommend a JCM-2000 DSL 50 or DSL100 (i don't like the TSL's as much).

if you are looking to spend a little more, maybe you want a JCM800 (2203/2204) with a dirt pedal, they for a long time would be considered standard issue.

you could also look into 18 watt clones. i built one and love it. (1974X). don't worry about the 18w, it cuts through. throw an od out front and you will get some gain, i would advise getting one with a master volume (post phase inverter master volume PPIMV).

more specific tones? link us to a song if you want.
what other gear do you own?

and there is a possibility you may want to change the bridge humbucker to something more aggressive.
Any JCM2000 DSL would do the deed.
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