I had originally written a continuation that is suitable but the ending sounds so magnificent to me that I have decided to keep it short. Untitled 1 because after reconstructing my VSTi libraries I decided to modify all my previous tracks and record them in a single "format" - this is the first recorded by far.

5 instrument tracks:

1) piano
2) nylon guitar
3) cello solo
4) viola solo
5) violin ensemble


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Sonds really great, congrats

Appreciate this, already working on the next one.
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Really good, wanted to hear more seemed like it was just getting to the part we all want to hear :p do you have a youtube with this stuff on? Also continue with this was really good.

C4C if u can

I felt that the continuation I was writing didn't do justice to the previous parts so I kept it short. I do have a youtube account where I'll be uploading my material, but there's not so much to upload right now. This track I will not be continuing, but more separate material I will definitely be writing. I will look at the post you left shortly.