hello , guys!
I intend to buy an fender amplifier , but I'm still not decided between Fender Mustang III v2 and Fender Champion 100. What recommendations could you give me ?

what's the sound difference between 1 x 12 speaker and 2x 12 ?

both sound equally loud ?

what about quality of these products ?

which can be used more on stage ,rehearsal or on a gig ?

thank you !
I like the Mustang. 2x12 sounds fuller and bigger. I think that they are equally loud but I could be very wrong. I have rehearsed with a metal drummer with Mustang 2 and that has 40 watts
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The Champion, with 2 12" speakers, will project the sound more, so appear to be louder.
What kind of music are you playing? How many players in the band? Although these amps are described as 100 watts, that's 100 watts solid-state and won't come close to the volume of a 50 watt Marshall tube amp, for example.
The driven high-gain sound from the Fender amps has always been described as fizzy, the Champion seems to have gotten better from the reviews I have read.
I think the Mustang has more FX and stuff built-in, hence its higher price.
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I don't know much about the Champion, but I can vouch for the Mustang III being a very good amp for the price. I have gigged with it several times (both micing it into the PA and without a mic) and have never struggled to compete with the rest of the band's volume. Also, all of the effects are built in, which some people seem to dislike, but I find very helpful. You don't have to use the effects, but they do tend to be very helpful from time to time, and in the long run can save some money. And about the fizzing, I often see reviews with people complaining about this problem, but on my amp I have personally never had this problem unless I roll the master volume past 7 or so, which there's rarely a need for.

Note: I have the orginal Mustang III, not the V2
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I play a combination of punk , ska , reggae, and sometimes metal

Then go for the Mustang.

Not only it's more versatile than the Champion, but the Champion, despite being a huge improvement on the Frontman it replaces, still isn't a great amp. Fender could do better, IHMO.
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