Hey guys,

So my wife recently bought this guitar, the godin A6 Ultra


And it's a wonderful guitar, but I think the neck pickup was designed for jazz players because it's got a very mellow and round sound that doesn't lend itself very well to rock music (which is what we play). When she adds distortion, it gets very muddy and flabby, it's hard to hear the definition of the notes.

We're not too picky on the sound we'd want, but it needs to be brighter.

In one of my old beaters, I have an SD custom custom in the bridge position. It sounds very nice so we figured we could just swap them out. It would be a cheap fix to an annoying problem.

However, I couldn't find testimonials about this specific pickup in the neck position, especially in an acoustic/electric guitar.

Do you guys have any idea if this would be somehow be a waste of time? It's not the highest output pickup but it's still sortof high so if it gives constant feedback, obviously the solution is not very practical.


EDIT: Usually, she'll run the piezo and magnetic pickups of her guitar at the same time at the same volume. When the song needs a bit of oomph, she steps on her dirt pedal (tech 21 blond) so the magnetic signal gets distorted but the piezo stays clear. It's a fun setup for what we do but to get a useable sound, we need to set the bass at zero and the treble at almost max on the guitar, pedal and mixer. Even then we're barely scraping by.

When I plug my electric in her setup, it sounds good with normal settings so the problem is really the guitar/pickup
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Just put the SD in there and keep the old pickup, if you don't like it you can always go back.
It's free anyways, and even if you're not too experienced it doesn't take too long to swap out a pickup.
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I'd imagine the muddy and flabby qualities are because the guitar is not made for what you want to do at all, plus the pickup is in the neck position, which is generally very loose and muddy for rhythm work. I really don't think putting a new pickup of any kind in that guitar is going to fix the problem because that guitar is simply the completely wrong instrument for the job, but since you already have the pickup, you might as well try it and see what happens
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