I’m Sam Dunn, director of Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, Global Metal, Iron Maiden: F

I’m here to ask the Metal Community for its help!

You helped make our 11-part documentary TV series Metal Evolution a huge success. It hit #1 on VH1 Classic and MuchMore and has aired on networks in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Brazil, India. Australia and elsewhere. Despite this success, however, there was one glaring gap in the series: There was no episode on Extreme Metal. Like many of you, I grew up listening (and continue to listen) to bands like Death, Carcass, Napalm Death, Entombed, Celtic Frost, Opeth, Enslaved etc. and feel that Extreme Metal is not an underground obscurity in the history of metal - it’s a hugely important chapter in this story. Also hundreds of fans from around the world have contacted us saying that an Extreme Metal episode needs to be made. So we approached several networks about financing this “Lost Episode” but they passed, saying it’s too extreme for their viewers.

And so we’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to create this episode and I was hoping you could help spread the word about the campaign. We need your help to raise $135,000 by December 14! Details of the campaign, including cool donor gifts at various contribution levels can be found here: http://www.indiegogo.com/ExtremeMetal

Horns, Sam

PS. For the first time ever, we've made the "Heavy Metal Family Tree" full-size movie poster available as a new perk. It's limited to 666 and it's signed and numbered by Scot and I. These things are HUGE. Like 46"x28" full colour with silver ink kind of huge.

EDIT: I will be doing an AMA on October 24 at 1pm EST. Thanks to all the Shreddits who have sent me questions so far. I hope that my answers satisfied - still getting the hang of how much detail to give. I'll see you in a week or so for a full on AMA! Horns. Sam
Metal "Documentaries" are the antithesis of all things good in this particular spectrum of Metal. A silly practice of the funderground.

The music and zines from since the beginning are the true heritage and documentations of this scenes spirit. We don't need a sensationalist reenactment crafted by those with little to no actual investment nor passion for what makes this actually worth a damn. For those who were born too late it's a much better idea to pick up Slayer Mag, Oskorei, From Beyond or what ever zine from any period before the internet. Only there will you get some semblance of what you're looking for; Getting in touch with the roots of Metal.
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