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I'd love to get some feedback on my new video. I plan to make more and more of these lessons and I hope at least someone finds them helpful. If you like it subscribe because I plan to create them consistently.

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And your guitar is bordering on inaudible when you're talking.
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I'm new here and not sure what you mean by *reported*. I guess I'll read the forum rules, maybe I'm breaking some kind of rule....

As far as the audio I plan to find a way to have it be louder while I am talking. For the intro I use recording software but that does not not usually go so well when I am trying to talk over it. I know it is a bit too soft. Thanks for the feedback though.
Zaphod wasn't very helpful there lol. I think these sort of things should be posted in the Recordings sub-forum mate.
Sorry but you can't be posting threads advertising/drawing people to your youtube channel, that would fall under the no advertising rule on the forums.

Whether you're new and innocent or not it's against the rules, I would encourage you to read them fully.
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