Demo video:


2012 Rg8527z Model
Mahogany Body
Flame Maple top
Maple + Wenge Neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Flame Maple Binding
Tree of Life Inlay
Edge Zero 7 Tremelo
Bare Knuckle Ceramic Nailbomb Bridge
Seymour Duncan Sentient Neck
Jumbo frets with J-custom ball ends

I had J-custom GAS for years so its great to finally have one. This is an amazing guitar and definitely a step up from the prestige line IMO. Right now its my favourite 7 along with my Schecter Masterworks. I have it setup in B standard with 9-60 strings.

The fretwork is amazing and this is where the J-custom range really shines. The ball ends are my favourite feature. The action is 1mm at the 12th fret high E and 1.5 on the low B. There is barely any buzz and the notes really ring out. It could even go a fraction lower but its very comfortable to play as it is.

The neck is rounder on the shoulders and slightly thicker than the usual 7 string wizard neck. Its very smooth and very fast thanks to the velvet finish technique they use.

As usual with Japenese Ibbys the tuning stability is flawless. The Edge Zero 7 is very easy to setup and intonate. String changes are quick and the adjustment wheel at the back makes balancing the trem a breeze. Blocking it however looks like it would be difficult.

Only cons are its quite heavy, very expensive in some parts of the world compared to Japan and it needed some setup tweaks to get it playing right.

More Pics:

The flame top doesn't really pop with the Onyx finish but I love how the Black/White zebra pickups look in it.

I love the vine inlay and I got a dark piece of rosewood which brings it out more.(Excuse the dirt! She gets a lot of playtime and not enough string changes)

Close up of the ball ends, it takes a lot of work to do but they feel great.

Its hard to capture the neck profile but you might be able to see its got a flat back like the usual wizard D shape but with shoulders like a C profile. Very comfortable for

And lastly the intonation adjustment tool that comes with the Edge Zero 7 tremolo heavily reduces swearing at your guitar when setting it up. :lol:
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I played a J Custom 7 the other day, real nice guitar. Too bad it made my hand tense up.
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awesome never played a 7 but the 6 string j-customs i've tried were great
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J-Customs are absolutely excellent instruments. HNGD! Great video.

And I'm sorry bit the carpet in the last few pictures is pretty awful, lol.
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Sick guitar and some very good playing too, hope I can get there someday!
Congrats! HNGD
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