mr fruitbowl,
Audio quality is not bad. Some of your notes/chords are dissonant for me (and at times the guitar seemed out of tune), but others may think otherwise. Other than that it is pleasant. I like the drums. Downloading the song tried my patience. I prefer soundclick, but most people seem to use soundcloud nowadays. Please review my music at this link:

Nice song. Really enjoyed the keyboard parts. Nice 7/8 grooves. The strummed guitar was a bit out of tune.

Overall I think the mix lacks an overall brightness/crispness that a pro production would have. The best thing to do is find a professionally produced track that is most similar to what you are going for and constantly reference it while you're mixing/mastering your song to give you an overall sound to try and match.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll post your feedback on your post for more visibility

@aaron aardvark
"Some of your notes/chords are dissonant for me"
Any particular section? I am a huge fan of dissonant/dark sounding chords, but was trying to go for the complete opposite vibe here

Many thanks for kind words! Yeah, I also feel it really is lacking the proper production feel, but issue is I have no idea how to mix/master :'(