If you are a true fan of Rock ‘n Roll and looking for the next Paul Simon or Bob Seger, then look no further. Twin brothers Tony and Paul Rovillard are singer-songwriters that have come together again to form Rock ‘n Roll band Location of Incident. Growing up, the twins formed numerous musical acts and bands over the years which garnered some interest. They continued to rock the music circuit and gained the attention of several management agencies, most notably Leber and Krebs, who handled the careers of Aerosmith and Ted Nugent until 1984.

Today, Tony and Paul Rovillard are back to bring you their authentic rock ‘n roll sound known as Location of Incident. Reminiscent of the classic rock that boomed during the 60’s and 70’s, their latest album “Strong Without My Fears” reveals just that: their strength and fortitude to keep the faith alive! Packed with twelve songs that bring back the classic rock ‘n roll sound many people love and miss today, this is an album you will want to pick up!

“Strong Without My Fears” is available on iTunes here: bit.ly/LOI-StrongWithoutMyFears-itunes and Amazon here: bit.ly/LOI-StrongWithoutMyFears. You can stream or download the song on Soundcloud here: soundcloud.com/location-of-incident/lonely-town. If you want to rock out with Location of Incident, check out their website at www.LocationOfIncident.com, their YouTube at: bit.ly/LOI-YOUTUBE and their Reverbnation at: bit.ly/LOI-Reverbnation. Be sure to keep rollin’ with them by staying updated with their Facebook at: bit.ly/LOI-Facebook and Twitter at: bit.ly/LOI-TWITTER.
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