Hey UG, brand new user here!

My great grandfather has recently moved into assisted living and I was left two of his guitars; a no name hollow body with 3 pickups, and this-the Gibson Recording King. It is a pleasure to look at and even more of a pleasure to play. I had it cleaned up a bit at my local music store, and put some brand new strings on it. It plays beautifully and sounds super creamy when plugged in. (Posted in this category because I was told it's an acoustic electric, which I suppose it is ) After Googling for some info about this guitar, I came up with practically nothing other than it's from the late 30's. There is a photo at my parents house of my great grandfather playing this guitar while serving in World War II. I hope I or they come across it soon.

Anyways, does anyone know any info about this guitar, or line of guitars? I know little to nothing about any vintage instruments, so I'm just curious.

Thanks, all!

EDIT: I created an imgur album because couldn't figure it out lol http://imgur.com/a/vGY5L#0
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It's easier, and you can post larger images, if you do it from a photo account, such as "Photobucket"

1: Copy the image location.

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