There isn't a tab for 'Steel Rail Blues' by Gordon Lightfoot anywhere on the internet! So far, I have only found chord charts for the song. I want to learn Gordon's rhythm section which I believe is a fingerpicking pattern. I can't play by ear very well so I was wondering if someone on here who either knows how to play the song or can hear the notes by ear, please either message me, post the fingerpicking pattern on this thread using: P, I, M, A, or PLEASE put the tabs on this website! Thank you! P.S. Sorry for being so needy! I tried learning it by ear for a few weeks now but something just seems off!
It looks and sounds like he is using a Travis picking pattern. If you need info on that, I can give it to you.....but its basically just a repeating pattern with an alternating bass. The song sounds more complex because he has several guitars playing other parts at the same time.

So basically just find my own Travis picking pattern? Right now I'm using P, I, M, I. It sounds close to me
Thanks for replying guys! Riverrick, I really enjoy Travis picking! It makes it a lot easier for me to sing while I play the guitar. I also really love Peter, Paul, and Mary. I'm defiantly gonna try to learn Puff (The Magic Dragon).