Just curious about it. Somebody on Craigslist is selling the whole bundle for 60 bucks. They're calling it a squier but i think i see an archtop body and the bridge looks suspiciously high end for a squier - what i can see of it.
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It looks like a Squier HM 3

I never knew of such a thing. I saw that the headstock was completely wrong and i was trying to puzzle things out.

Well thanks. I think you must be right. Seems like a pretty good deal on entry-level equipment.
Sixty bucks?
Dude, if that's a real tube-based Park amplifier, and if it all works, run (do not walk) and buy that stuff immediately. It's likely a transistor amp (still fine) made in Asia. Park was a brand of amplifier made by Jim Marshall (yup, THAT Jim Marshall) outside of his contract with Rose-Morris. The original tube Parks are legendary for tone (the transistor amps not so much). Tube-based Park amps are often worth more than Marshalls of the same era. Someone is bringing back the Park name (different logo) as of this year, but they're not related in any way to Marshalls as were the originals.

If you have a Pod HD or HD500, you'll find the "Park" name tucked away as one of the amp/cab choices. That's the starting point for most folks who want a sound that's truly Marshall-esque on a Pod.
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Dude, that amp is a Park. That amp might actually be worth something.
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I'm pretty sure it's just a g30rcd. Rebadged Marshall solid-state from not too long ago.

The ad has very little info and one other picture that's blurrier and worse than the one i showed.

I was digging around for info as well and there were a few references to a particular marshall amp that looked exactly the same, but had that "park by marshall" logo on the grille. Maybe i shouldn't assume?
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maybe you should go buy that right this second and stop asking questions, because either way the sum of that stuff is far more than $60
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1. Buy it
2. Sell it
3. Profit.

No ????? step needed.
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