Poll: What is the circumference of your bicep?
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View poll results: What is the circumference of your bicep?
10" or smaller
4 8%
1 2%
5 10%
5 10%
7 14%
5 10%
4 8%
2 4%
18" or greater
9 18%
I don't have biceps you insensitive prick!
7 14%
Voters: 49.
It's time to measure the circumference of your biceps!
Pick the circumference in the poll that best describes your biceps.

As an added extra, I'm going to share with you a fact about myself:
I used to think that this smiley was flexing their muscles instead of clapping
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The tape broke when I flexed
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i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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My biceps are measured in astronomical units.
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Are we talking circumference when it's flexed or not flexed here?

Also I can't unsee that smiley. God dammnit
Right around 14" I think.

Which doesn't seem too bad considering they never get worked out. I'd be interested in some kind of lats measurement.
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You know who's got huge biceps?

Fat people
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the fap arm or the reserve-fap arm?

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da se pretulimo skozi to zimo
I tried wrapping my penis around my biceps since I don't have a measuring tape on me and I can safely say it is more than 3 inches
Don't have a measuring tape, but imma say around 3 inches.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
30 cm (12"). I'm thin (62 kg and 179 cm), and I don't workout much either.
Not sure if a sig is a necessity.
My Right bicep needs to be measured in kilometers.
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i don't have measuring tape with me right now so i'm just going to eyeball it and say 40"
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