Took amp to a fender certified tech and said it was a "dud". I can either get another Hot Rod Deluxe iii or throw them like $50 for the FRS Hot Rod Deluxe iii in the creamy wine two-tone. Only real differences are of coarse is the looks of the amp and also it has a 12" Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker in it instead of the Celestion G12P-80.

Any thoughts on which would be the better choice for a blues/jazzy player that enjoys saturated leads from time to time ?
cannabis rex is technically a far better speaker than the g12p80 (which I think is a rebranded celestion 70/80). However, that doesn't mean you'll necessarily like it better (I haven't tried it, but it has the rep of being fairly dark i think... which might work nicely for jazz and even blues but )

Do you like the colour of the dearer one better? (I'm deadly serious) It might be worth the extra for that alone, plus the dearer speaker would be worth more on the used market if you didn't like it (I think).
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Do it, totally worth it for resale alone.
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Guys on another board I frequent love the Cannabis Rex speaker. Probably worth the $50 for that alone. The color sounds nifty, too!
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I have to agree with Danny and Dave, both are pretty well versed in gear.
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the color way is beautiful. i think ill do it. they're saying it should be no problem just gotta wait for them to talk to the boss man. thanks for the feedback y'all.