It greatly depends on what you want to do with it and what's your budget.

If I were you I'd read the interfaces sticky in the recording section and then I'd post a message there - most people in the recording section know more about that stuff than most people here.

Also be advised that that interface in particular doesn't sound good.
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The Lexicon Alpha is limited and I have heard of poeple having issues with them.
If you can save up a little more money, there are a lot of good choices in the $150 range - Tascam, Scarlet, Steinberg.
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Save more money or buy used.
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Don't buy that, if you're going for something cheap and simple just get a guitar link (behringer or unbranded) and be done with it, the difference in quality is negligible but the price difference is not.
Alphas are complete crap. I owned one for a while, sounded terrible.

Scarlett 2i4 at LEAST.
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What about one of those little Yamaha audiograms?

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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The audiograms are average at best, would not recommend. If you're going for that $100 ballpark then maybe the Steinberg CI1?
I have a focusrite scarlett, it's great. I had a few problems setting it up (some driver incompatibility with my windows version) and their costumer support was simply amazing.
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