Hi Guys never posted on here. I'm curious if anyone on here has any advice on singing. Been playing guitar for 6-7 years now and just starting to tackle singing it’s kind of daunting. I have a quick recording I made any C&C would be helpful thanks.
When breathing in, get the air in your belly instead of your chest.

Then try and control the air flow coming out.

Also open your mouth.
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This is not too bad for the genre...I would just suggest maybe trying some different FX on your vox for the recording....
I think the vocals are pretty good actually. Some singers would say "sing from your chest (lungs) instead of your head", but depends what style you are going for. Since you're not moving air through your stomach (hopefully) when singing, not sure how you'd use your belly. Tune is good. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Don't scream out your entire song when you first start out. I only recently started doing my own vocals (and I'm no good at all), and when I recorded my first two tracks, I belted out the vocals as loud as I could and muted myself for a week. After having recorded a whole bunch of other tracks, my throat is toughening up a bit I guess you'd say, so I can go louder. Otherwise, work on figuring out what the most comfortable way for you to breathe while singing.

Also, try and dislodge any phlegm you have before hand!