HI! I am wondering if anyone would do me a great favor and try and figure out the chords for Dear John by Mandisa off her Overcomer album. Have been wanting to do this song for awhile but have had no luck finding it anywhere.

If you gang could help me out, that would be TERRIFIC!!!!
I believe you are looking for the Music Theory section of the forums. Here in the Pit we mainly just laugh at music.
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Post it in the Tab Talk forum next time.
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My guitar is out of tune so it may be half a step off.

Sounds like Ab major to Eb major to F minor to Db Major for the bulk of it, at one point it switches to Bb minor to Db major to Ab major to Eb Major and then at the end it goes back to the I-V-vi-IV only half a step up in the key of A (Amaj-Emaj-F#min-Dmaj)

Edit: the first transition from the verse sounds like it goes Ebmaj to Abmaj (and dear john he can do this for youuuuuuu~~~)
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