There is software that will record whatever is playing through your soundcard (I use Roxio Creator). There is software that will 'rip' the audio from a video file, as well, I'm sure.
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Reaper supports most video codecs - you can import the video file in and then just render the audio as a .wav, .mp3 or whatever you want.
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Actually, there are many online apps can do the video to audio conversion for your, such as zamzar, Acethinker Video Converter, mediaconverter, etc. They are totally free, and you don't have to download or install anything.
Here's how you can do it in Audacity (for free). First, I am assuming you are  using a Windows based OS. I am not familiar at all with Mac systems. In Audacityy, go into "Edit" then "Preferences". On the "Host" menu choose "Windows WASAPI then on the  "Playback" menu choose "Speakers (7-USB Audio CODEC)" and on the "Recording" menu choose the same thing. Hit "OK". now play your video and hit record on Audacity. It will make an audio copy. This works with a lot of sources. 
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