hello, I noticed that reaper input always clips when I play my guitar. I use reaper to play around with different amp sims and backing tracks, but no recording. I set up my USB interface input so it doesnt clip, but the reaper track still clips.

i cant seem to hear any clipping when I play the raw guitar sound, but Im wondering if it makes any difference. Is this clipping a false alarm or does it really affect sound? if so, how to I limit the gain at the reaper input so that it doesnt clip? as seen in the picture, lowering the gain in the interface doesnt seem to work. also, i took that picture with the interface input at the minimum.
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In this case on Signal level you have clipping, but it is so subtle that you can't hear it.
To hear very noticable distortion you signal needs to clip much harder.

It would be better to roll the gain back a little bit on your Interface . BUT like in everything in recording and music, there are no rules. There are acutally some producers who like to use the saturation of their vocal preamps to color the sound of recorded vocals.
If you like the way it sounds or the results you are getting with it, then it's ok. If it causes problems then roll back your gain.
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It sounds like you are probably recording too loud. Your dB meters should be in the -18 to -12 range.
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