I used to think I was really good at rhythm guitar until I discovered songsterr.com. I used to think I could just Google a strum pattern and start playing but I found out that I'm so wrong... It's easier for me to play a strum pattern when I sing because I don't have to actually focus my attention on the guitar but I looked up a few of my favorite songs and the strumming just seems to be randomly placed by the artist. Is it important to try to strum like the artist? How do you strum?
If you are learning the song note to note, it's obvious that you will copy the song 100% including the strumming pattern.
I personally don't bother trying to change a thing while learning new song, unless I've finished it 100%.
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the people listening are not going to be able to hear any difference between an up and a downstroke, and they certainly won't be able to tell if you're not playing it the way it was in the song. As long as you're strumming the right things at the right time, nobody will know anything, especially once you add vocals.

It's nice to be able to play it exactly like the artist, but it's definitely not important.
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As along as you get the groove of the song it ultimately doesn't matter. The original artist isn't even going to exactly replicate the original when playing live
I think when learning the song, it's good to be able to play it like the original. It can add to your music vocabulary and improve your ear. But when playing, it's not necessary. As long as it sounds good it's all good.
cover is a cover...if people ever tell me i'm not doing it 100% or that's not how the rhythm goes, i usually tell em to go listen to the cd if they want to hear the actual song

i like messing with covers and make them my own. not to the point where they are unrecognizable, but just spice em up to my own style. if you're gonna cover a song from a 7piece band with a 2-3piece band, you kinda have to make change. coz no way in hell you're gonna sound like em anyways. lol.
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