Hey everybody,
I've been a constant (ghost)visitor of Ultimate Guitar for a while, and well now that I have a question which apparently doesn't already exist on here, I decided to be a part of it! (Yay!! Such happies)
OK for the question,
I'm on vacations in Dubai, and there's a guitar shop a couple streets away frkm where I'm living. A bunch of nice looking decent playing guitars there but one really caught my eye. The CORT VX-2X!

So here's the deal; the guitar was originally priced at 1350aed (about $370). But with some chips and cracks on the blades (merely visible on the front), the guitar had a tag of a magical 900aed (about $240).
Now, the sound both clean and distortion sounded almost perfect to my ears! Only issue being the action on the higher three strings, when inquired the guy there being the manager, didn't know much and told me it was already set by the technician.
I'm asking, if I get the guitar, will I be able to adjust the bridge myself and set uo a comfortable action while clearly avoiding the scary fret-buzz. How is the action on your Cort vx2x? If anybody's a user here!?
Is it worth the $240?

specs and pictures http://www.cortguitars.com/en/product/vx-2x

This turned out to be kind of longer than expected :| forgive the mistakes as it's my first post on here.
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If you've played it and like it go for it!
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"Already set up" doesn't mean squat. That manager doesn't know much about guitars.

If the guitar is in good rig, you should be able to drop one side of the bridge and lower the action. Whether you'll avoid fret buzz depends on whether the frets are level (critical), whether the truss rod is set correctly, whether the nut is cut correctly and whether the bridge saddles (I'm unfamiliar with that guitar) are set correctly.

You might make the sale contingent on being able to sit down with the "technician" and getting it set where you like it. It's not a brand or guitar model thing; one man's Cort vx2x could be in great shape vis a vis fretwork, another's not.

In any case (and I don't know where you are when you're NOT on vacation in Dubai), I usually pay for a Really Good Initial Setup on any guitar new to me. Figure it into the cost of buying a new guitar.