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I'm going to start recording and releasing my instrumentals. Some are a little more experimental than others (like Animals As Leaders and such), and others are just plain groovy. I don't have a band (yet). I'm flying solo for the time being.

Please comment both here and on Soundcloud if you can, I'd really appreciate it. Obviously, I'll check your stuff out as well.
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Link doesn't work man.
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Sounds awesome man, song sounds like it should be in a movie right before an epic fight scene or something! \m/
The link you provided doesn't work, I had to go to your soundcloud through your sub to be able to check the song.

Starting at around 2:55 = Epic! Sorry for the dumb question, but what instrument was that?

The song is awesome, there's nothing to complain about it in regards of the composition. The guitar mixing is not very good though, the lead sounds too harsh and the rhythm sounds a little bassy.

Keep it up mate!
I fixed the link, my bad.
It's a mandolin! I knew the song needed a clean solo, but I wanted to make it sound really unique. I came up with the odd mandolin tuning of GCF A#/F, where the top two strings are tuned differently to a fifth. Thanks for checking it out, more stuff in the works!
lots of stuff going on - really cool song. great ideas and harmonies. a little too much treble - what are you using to record?

the groove at around 1:00 was pretty sick, i like how you brought it back in and soloed over it, and how you brought it down in the outro was pretty cool - felt like the song could have gone on for another 4 or 5 minutes.

interested in hearing your other stuff.
by the way, i stole this riff.
Thanks man! Yeah, I can roll down the treble a little bit. I mic'd up (with an SM57 and a Behringer B-1) a Marshall JVM100 halfstack into a Steinberg CI2 into Cubase. I mostly shape the tone with an EQ pedal, but I do a little post production tweaking as well. The drums are EZdrummer 2 Metal Machine Kit. The bass is, unfortunately, my guitar with a EHX Slammi pedal.

I'm almost finished writing 2 songs now, and I'll record them soon after. Follow my soundcloud page to hear them when they're released. Thanks again!
I'm liking the vibes from this, gotta agree with the above comment to back down the treble a bit. The tone is slightly harsh but not overly so, and with the gear you're working with, definitely not bad.

The rhythm riff that comes in around 0:59 reminds me of some Dream Theater style and that's awesome! The driving riff that comes in at 1:52 is pretty catchy, and then into those sweet leads! The sitar-like part at 2:48 was unexpected but pleasantly surprising, especially with that distorted rhythm riffing going on underneath it. The only way I can think to describe it would be: primal and old-world, and that's definitely a positive.
The outro beginning at 3:51 is great, and once again I'll agree with the above comments that I could see this being just another section leading into much much more, rather than being the ending.

Overall, I dig it!

C4C on this would be much appreciated: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1649698
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Thank you for the review. Now your tune: I agree there's too much treble on the guitars. Playing is tight timing wise. I like some of the guitar riffs. I like the lead guitar. Some real electric bass would help a lot. Interesting relatively clean mandolin tone and riffs around 3:20. Drums are fine, kind of a dirty drum sound for EZDrummer, but never heard that EZX, I don't think (I own a few EZX's and Superior Drummer2).
The EZX I use is geared towards a very modern metal sound. I like playing with complex bass and snare rhythms, and for that to sound good, the snare has to be dry and tight, and the bass drum should have more of a quick trebley kick rather than a deep bassy punch (Vinny Paul from Pantera actually taped quarters to his drum beater, and probably had to replace the head after every show). And loud cymbals like chinas are often used to cut over the complex rhythms in order to keep a general sense of 4/4 (or whatever the basic beat is). So yeah, the drums are in your face. On low velocities, the snare sounds very subtle and jazzy.