I'm beginning my first venture into the world of guitar building soon, and I have most of my equipment selected except for the pickups. One requirement for the bridge position is that it must be 4 lead for splitting. I like to play music like Green Day, Blink-182, Sum 41, etc. I've heard that the Duncan JB is always a good choice, but seeing as this is my first guitar build, I don't want to sink around $70 into a single pickup.

I did some looking and found that the JB is an Alnico V bar magnet with 16.4k resistance. I've found 2 sets of pickups with approximately the same specs: GFS Fat Pat (http://www.guitarfetish.com/Alnico-Fat-Pat-Boutique-Humbucker-Black-Bridge-Position_p_77.html) and the Dragonfire Vintage Buckers (http://www.dragonfireguitars.com/Vintage-Buckers-Pickup-Set-Your-Choice-of-Colors-2115.htm).

My questions are, would these pickups be similar to a JB, and would these two pickups that I mentioned deliver on the sound that I'm looking for?

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It stands to reason that they would be similar. The descriptions are quite close. I would like to know myself as I was looking at these same pickups.
I will vouch for the quality of the Dragonfire pickups. I have a set of screamers in my LTD Explorer and I love them. I do kind of wish they sold them in singles as I don't want a matched set on the guitar I'm currently building.
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I have a guitar with a SH4 JB and it will deff work for what your doing. I also have several GFS pickups and the Fat Pat is one of my favorite. I actually replaced 8a Dimarzio Super Distortion with the Fat Pat and I have not looked back. It is similar to a JB, but is not as middy feeling to me (it has plenty of mids, but seems to have more bass and an "open" feel the JB doesn't)
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Alright, thanks for the input! Does anyone here have experience with the Dragonfire Vintage Buckers? If the Dragonfire quality is good, it almost seems like they might be the way to go since they are essentially the same as the GFS Fat Pats. (Especially since this is just a simple project guitar.)
Just get a used JB on eBay. They're ridiculously common, and shouldn't run you more than $45 or so.

I have a Fat Pat set. Meh. I haven't heard good things about Dragonfire.

I was interested in cheap pickups for a while, but now I'm pretty much exclusively a Seymour Duncan guy. I have personally found that you get what you pay for. But I know lots of other stuff works for other people. SD just works for me.
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