Poll: Guitar Maintenance required on guitar neck?
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Crown the frets. Vintage-style frets can be adjusted accordingly.
4 80%
Refret the entire neck. It's too risky of a job to crown small frets.
0 0%
Leave as-is. It's normal for high-E strings to fret out on small frets.
1 20%
Voters: 5.
Hey guys,

I've had my Fender Jaguar HH for 3 years now, and it has served me well throughout my years in high school. Unfortunately, now my guitar frets seem to be behaving abnormally to me. Recently, when I've tried doing high bends on the high-E string on frets 4 to 14, the high bends tend to fret out. (Other strings do not fret out when I do high bends.) Also, there are very light grooves that are visible on the guitar frets, but not too serious enough to constitute a possible guitar fret replacement. Having said that, none of my frets are buzzing or producing dead notes...for now.
So, the question is, do I need to do any maintenance work on my guitar frets? If so, should I crown them or refret the entire neck?

Here are the specs of my Fender Jaguar in case you need them:
22 Vintage-Style Frets on a 24-in. scale guitar neck.
String Gauge Used: Ernie Ball 10-46
Action: Low
Fretboard: Rosewood

Thank you!
The spec you've left out is the fretboard radius.

Some Fender necks have a radius as low as 7.25" -- those will easily fret out when doing serious bends. But if it's 10-12" or better, that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm not sure that anything as drastic as a refret or a recrown is required. Chances are decent that you have a single fret or two that are "flyers" (a bit high) on the one side of the neck. A good tech can locate and press those down in and make sure that everything's level again. I have my frets superglued (google Stewmac Fret Superglue) to help prevent flyer frets when there's a change in the weather.
Quote by VeilSide
ive had the same problem with my SG.
my frets looked like crap and bends were impossible on some.

what i did was, bought a "fret eraser" which is essentially a soft sanding paper and it made them feel good as new.

they come in a variety of "grits".

i used the #0000 one which is very soft.

If I am to use the eraser, do I need to use it on all of the frets, or do I just need to do them on ones where the grooves are? I'm asking this because there's a possibility that the fret heights might get uneven with each other in case I use that.