Hey, I have £250 to spend on a 7 string guitar. I used to have an Ibanez 7 string and desperately need to replace it.

The guitar I'm looking at is the LTD SC-207, I can't find any other 7 strings around the same price. Anyway, I've found 2 for the same price, one has "Duncan designed" pickups and the other has stock EMGs. Which guitar should I get? I don't know which pickups are better.

Also I've read a lot of people saying "why buy this guitar when there are so many better alternatives for the same price?". Is this true? And if so where are they? I can't seem to find any!

If there's a better alternative I'd happily buy that but at the minute this looks like the best 7 string option for the price. So if there are no better alternatives, which pickups are the best out of those two?

Thank you all! By the way hi I'm new.
That model has been discontinued/replaced by the SC-337.

When others recommend another brand/model at the same price point, it's usually a matter of preference. For example, the Ibanez Wizard neck(s) are very popular but I prefer the the LTD SC-607B's thin U neck, etc.

You'd probably end up replacing the PUs anyway; so, go with the one you prefer - passives or actives.

I'd do my best to audition as many as possible if budget is a constraint. Good Luck!
Thanks! I went with the actives anyway. The guy gave me a discount so I just risked it, you never know when eBay auctions will disappear. Probably won't be as good as my Ibanez but at least it's 7 string.