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They're both good, but, for me, they both sound a little bit alike.

Thank you, I understand where you're coming from, they were both recorded with the same effects, once I've made more progress with them they'll change up a bit.
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Patterns: It's a cool riff, and the bass works pretty well (other than the distorting, obviously). If you want to separate the verse and intro more, you could try a bassline an octave higher for the first half of the verse.

Revurb: Cool riff again. I think it'd be cool if around :52, the drums stopped playing the steady beat and started playing in sync with the bass for once or twice through the riff, just to add some variation.

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Thank you for all the feedback guys.

I don't have an effect pedal specifically for bass, so I've been having to use my guitar effect pedal to record it. I plug my pedal directly into my computer and use audacity to record. I'm trying to make a good effect that will make the bass sound natural.
Try to pronouce my last name...