Hi Guys,

New guy here. In my teens I played a lot of guitar, though I never got far past the beginner stage. I liked playing Metallica, Guns 'n' Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, some power metal etc. but never really mastered the faster riffs, complicated fills and blazing solo's. Music soon took a back seat to studies and, after a while, work and living alone.

I picked up the axe again to play something other than I-IV-V-I or I-V-vi-IV-I at birthday parties and I'd like to be able to play some more complicated stuff as well as learn to improvise and come up with my own stuff.

So I figured I'd have to learn the positions of all notes on the fretboard if I want to make some progress. And while I'm at it why not learn some heptatonic scales and their chords?

I've made a poster for myself to facilitate this, and it shows:

  • the actual circle of fifths
  • all notes in a particular scale (in clockwise order, relative minor in green), as well as the scale's key signature
  • the note locations for every pitch on a standard-tuned guitar (arranged by octave)
  • lists for the available modes and chords of every major scale
  • two other, popular heptatonic scales - melodic and harmonic minors - I list their construction and chords as well as their modes, alternative names, and examples in C and A (so the differences between the natural major and minor is obvious)

Clickety-click here for a full-size (A3, nearly 19MB) version.

I hope this is useful for some of you!
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All the links lead to the small version.

The circle of fifths need to be internalized. Things like these end up becoming a crutch. All you need to do is spend a little time studying. There's only 30 keys here. So, it's not like it's gonna take you a long time to memorize them.
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Ok, so...that's great and all. BUT...can you use the knowledge contained in that poster? What I mean is, do you need the poster (as Deadds said, it could be a crutch) to play in several different keys? Or have you internalized the knowledge contained in the poster?
Heading typography is ugly

Circles are close to background colour, decreases legibility

C Major tag has outline and no others do

Link goes to picture of the same size, no A3 image to be found

Therefore all information is basically unreadable

All in all an ugly, useless poster. 2/10 would not base my artistic output upon