Hey, UG universe, This is Lorance Smith here, aka Dsioret.

disclaimer: if by any means I'm breaking any advertisement or forum topic rules, I apologize, and it won't happen again...

So I saw this competition (in the thread title) a few weeks ago, and I thought it'd be fun to participate. The prize is a very nice mayones regius 7 guitar, and I'd love it if I could get some support here to at least get me int the to 50. it'd be really cool if you guys cold drop me a vote if you like my entry. I'd really appreciate any support I can get from you guys!

Here's my youtube entry:

IMPORTANT: You must go through the Seymour Duncan facebook page, click on the MayonesDuncan app, and search for me by name to vote.

If any of you guys are SD forum users,you know how to get to their Facebook page and find the Mayones Duncan Competition, and just look for Lorance from Jacksonville in the entry list.

Thanks in advance.
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Man, you play pretty good and it sounds nice

But for the love of god, turn down the treble

Or eq the vid or smnthn
ayy lmao
Acoustically, since we did a "Live" video, the mids of the backing track cut the bottom out of my amp. My tone was actually pretty balanced, but there was nothing i could do with the recording unless i wanted my playing to blend badly and be drowned out. Thanks for the initial props though haha!
I thought it said Mayonnaise Duncin' solo challenge.

That was really good, pity about the 'live' thing, reverb came out a bit strong in my opinion, the notes got a bit blurred
A poem.
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heh... yeah i figured. I've been stuck at 16 for hours, but i have six more days of voting to go, so i have a little time. the top fifty is rounded out with 75 votes and up though, so I'll just wait and see. have to do some more campaigning.