Hey guys, just wondering what you guys do with your pick hand while alternate picking. For some reason, I seem to have my hand flat down, horizontal in the same plane as the strings, while most people I see on YouTube usually keep their palms at an angle with the strings. For instance, when playing on the low E, mythumb part of my Palm will rest on the body, and the other side of my Palm on the bridge. If playing a higher string fast, my thumb Palm side will rest on the strings above and my wrist around the lower bridge. I have always had an issue with fast picking as a result of playing guitar right handed (I'm left handed, so picking does not come naturally).
I cannot for the life of me figure out how to pick otherwise at any sort of speed whatsoever and I think this picking technique is holding me back. If you guys have any suggestions to improving my technique, please let me know. Please let me know if you understand my question or need clarification! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
As long as you have complete control of your picking hand, you should be fine.
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This is probably the wrong forum (not that I care, just you might get better answers elsewhere.

Anyways, I know a couple lefties that play righty and one of them is faster on the fretboard than I am. So it can be done. You may have developed a couple bad habits that are keeping your speed down. Try to start from scratch and conscientiously force you hand into "proper" technique, no matter how slow you're moving. You have to develop muscle memory before you can start moving faster. Practice does NOT make perfect, rather perfect practice makes perfect.

I once read a blog written by an interesting guy who wrote about how he learned speed. He said he simply quit playing for a year (I just couldn't do that). By not playing for a year, he was able to retain all the mental skills involved with guitar playing, but lost all the muscle memory in his hands and in the process...bad habits. So when he picked up the guitar again, he was able to train his hands properly, thus, more speed. Its an extreme practice but it makes sense.
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How do I move it to the appropriate form? Also, are there any technique videos for picking? I've checked YouTube, and nothing really focuses on exact hand placement, technique, etc. It's all just videos for how to get faster for the most part. My fret hand is pretty fast, and I can even strum decently fast. I have all the solos to a few intermediate songs down; One, enter sandman, welcome to the jungle, sweet child of mine, slither, and a good bit of others so im not awful (not that those songs are terribly difficult, but they're not easy either). I just think my technique is off and could use improvement to take me to the next level, if you know what I mean.
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Well I've never written billboard charting songs or had my nickname embroidered on mass marketed guitars but I guess I know what you mean. Just keep practicing and challenge yourself often. Oh, you need a new amp too.
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