Hi guys.... Im seriously considering getting my hands on a Fender Customshop dealer select 59 relic tele ..... They look great but whats yer thoughts/experience of them for live playing??
I play different styles in a rock based band (ac/dc to muse etc....)..

Help help help ...

My second choice is a Gene Baker G3 Phoenix .... ??

thanks guys
I've got a Dealer Select 59 Strat and I use it live. It's a very particular guitar so I doubt that you'll get too many responses.

I don't know what you mean about 'our thoughts of using them for playing live'; it's a guitar, it'll be exactly the same as when you're in your bedroom or at practice.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

Sounds? Will it tackle various styles and sounds? Obviously physical playability isnt going to change ... example you wouldnt get the tones of Led Zep on a strat ....and wouldnt get the tones for the RHCP on a les paul !!


I think you'd be foolish to buy a guitar that expensive without trying it first or knowing even generally what it sounds like.

Any Fender CS guitar is of course going to sound good and be perfectly fine for gigging. I'm not sure what the question is here, obviously it's quite a nice guitar.
Hi Guys sorry for any confusion.
I play in a covers band, we have had a year out and are getting back together again. My main guitar was a musicman axis supersport, along with my trusty relic strat. When we split i sold everything except the strat. I have now bought a lovely Two rock studio pro 35 and rebuilt my pedal board... I really fancy a Fender Custom Shop tele, which i have played tons in the shop but thats one thing Playing with a band at volume is another !! Thats what im asking really... Im the only guitarist in the band and i know how they feel and the playability but the question is are they versatile?? do they cover different genres/styles? from heavy rock to spaced out rock to cleans... ??
1) how much does a Fender Custom shop Telecaster cost?

2) what kind of timetable are you on?

3) would you consider Teleclones of similar or superior quality?
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