Hey guys, does anybody know of a good way to learn perfect alternate picking technique? I have been playing for about a year, and can play pretty fast, but I think my technique may be holding me back.

When I am playing fast, my palm is usually flat with the strings. This contrasts to what I have seen in videos of people picking fast, as they usually hold their palms at a slight angle with the strings. For example, if I am alternate picking on the low E string, my hand would be resting on my thumb muscle (touching the body of the guitar) and my wrist (touching the bridge). I do not anchor when I play. How can I correct this form error (it would be a form error, to my knowledge)? I do not have lessons and have taught myself pretty much everything I know, so I am assuming this learning process led to some form inadequacies. Videos on youtube usually only address how to pick faster, I have not found any that talk about the proper way to hold your wrist or hand while alternate picking fast. Thanks for any help you guys can provide!
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Could you post a video of yourself playing? It's kind of hard to really get what you mean from text alone and it would be much easier to help you with what you might be doing wrong.
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What I do is going through Speed Mechanics by Troy Stetina on a serious level following the ex one by one and I seem to get better with the picking when ever I do it.

Also the legato ex in that comes first makes wonders for my lefthand now being more fluid and accurate making it more easy for the right hand to sync up and follow.

The book also shows you how to place your hands.
Hmm that makes sense. I appreciate the book recommendation; I'll have to pick it up. Scales seem to have worked wonders in the last two days for me I've seen modest speed increases just working up scales with perfect form...