Hello UG community, as the title states I am on the lookout for a smartphone, but have no idea where to go too get what I need. Right now I have a tracfone, nothing fancy, just a flip phone, but I get a great deal with the whole buy minutes for your phone when you need, is there a company that does that with smartphones, for I can not pay monthly for data. Another preference would be that it be a windows phone, for they now have an unlimited music channel on them, and I that would be great for my use of the device. I also want something affordable, I was going to purchase either the Nokia Lumia 520 or 521, but T Mobile and AT&T do not get a connection where I live, only Verizon, which my phone gets reception from Verizon's towers. The most I want to pay for this phone is around $150, nothing special, just to mainly listen to music on the go and take decent pics of vacations, or if I sell anything. Please help, and thank you.
That seems to be a good option, but I really would like that no data music that windows has. Unless there are no alternative services then t mobile and at&t's GO.
Why is just putting songs on your phone not an option? Why do you need a special program?
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Why is just putting songs on your phone not an option? Why do you need a special program?

It is, I already can transfer the songs off of my computer I have at my house, but if I do not need to pay for more data, even if it is just a radio, then I would like that, it is not just the fact I can make playlists, its the fact it doesn't eat away my data, then again I could have misread something and gotten everything mixed up, I never really have delved into the world of smartphones.
Oh wait! The thing I found out was called MixRadio, and it says it is free, but that probably means no monthly charge, I see, I thought they might have been doing something like T Mobile where you can use a app and use no data, only I was wrong, sorry. But T Mobile has a thing where you can use, pandora, itunes radio, spotify, and slacker radio without using data off your plan. But I never get connections for calls with T Mobile.
Or you could just buy an sd card and download a bunch of music for free and put it on shuffle and not have to pay anything ever.
Never thought of that, but still, need a phone with an SD slot, and my main problem is what can be around $150? I was going to get a Nokia, which had one, but they will not give me signal. So the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks good, but I use mostly a Ipad 2 given to me for christmas, and I do not want to pay about $500 for a Iphone 5 to get my account on a phone, even though I hear I could get a brand new Iphone 3 for around $100. And what compony offers a pay as you go plan? Maybe straight talk?
Get that new Samsung windows phone. ATIV SE or whatever.

its legit
My God, it's full of stars!
Thanks Dread, but I do not have $600, it looks amazing, but I do not have that type of money for a phone, I have a guitar build going on and this is some leftover money I have.
I bought a refurbished Net10 Galaxy S3 for 199 bucks and it came with the first month of service. I bought a 32gb micro sd card separately for 19 bucks. After the first month it's 50 a month after. Not all phones work in certain areas though so check first. I bought them off eBay so you know.
I just bought a used Motorola Droid X2 for super cheap from some ebay people who stock them. It works alright I guess. Has SD slot.
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Google Nexus 5 and then thank me later

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Windows Phone is pretty rad. Unfortunately the app/game store on it is kind of limited, but whatevs. The Windows 8.1 update is supposed to be a huge improvement.
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