I was wondering how I could make my guitar's neck feel faster. I have a PRS SE Custom 24, and the finish on the back of the neck is nitro, which tends to get grabby, especially when my hand gets sweaty. I've heard of using sandpaper, but I was wondering if the were other methods that wouldn't change the guitar drastically.
steel wool or scotch brite to take the shine off without taking the nitro off
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steel wool or scotch brite to take the shine off without taking the nitro off

That doesn't work for me, because after a few hours playing it is shiny again, and if I kept refreshing it, the neck would end up with no finish - especially on a supposedly thin finish like the PRS V12. OTOH, if your skin is moist enough to grab on a shiny surface, it might last awhile.

I was serious about it I would strip off the finish and do it with some kind of oil just to seal it. One I have used in the past is to give the bare wood a couple of coats of ordinary polyurethane off a fad (cotton wool wrapped in lint-free cloth). This leaves a very thin finish that is virtually invisible, but keeps the dirt out. It will wear off quite quickly, but you then have a nice relic look
PRS SE use poly paint, not nitro. Gibson is the only company that uses nitro on production guitars (that I am aware of).

I'd take a piece of 800 grit sandpaper and sand the back of the neck a little. Make sure you tape off the parts of the neck you don't want to scuff up.
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PRS SE use poly paint, not nitro.

I was trying to figure what the V12 finish was, but their description is a masterpiece of adspeak obscurantism. Nitro is generally too expensive for guitars in that price range because of the curing time, but I think there might be some catalysed nitro finishes now. They probably behave and age the same way (badly) as poly though.