So, I currently have a PRS SE Custom 24, but I was thinking of trying to get an SE Custom 22. This is because the trem keeps giving me tuning issues quite often. My plan, if it's advisable, is to get an SE Custom 22, but I might get a Singlecut or a Tremonti, any SE with a hardtail is open for consideration. What I really want to know is how the different models stack up to each other(primarily SE CU22 vs. SE CU24, but any advice on the other models would be helpful).
I have the PRS SE Paul Allendar verision (Cradle of Filth), and though I changed out the tuners to locking schallers, I find the thing stays in tuner better than my $2000 ibanez jem frankly.

You may want to get it professionally set up to see what is going on before you go away from one you have.
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Quote by Tony Done
Why not just block the trem?

Would I block it like a Fender tremolo? Cause I heard somewhere that, if you do that, it'll screw up the pivot points or something.
Ive locked my PRS's bridge down, and it all seems fine. Had a couple people check it over and they have said it shouldnt cause any problems to anything.
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PRS makes some decent guitars. I own a couple of them and have never regretted their purchase - they stay in-tune and sound good.
Can't speak to the Tremonti, but having owned an SE Singlecut for a while and having compared that guitar to the Custom 22 and 24 as well as the Semi Hollow before buying it I have to say that the Singlecut felt the best in my hands.

It may well be a setup issue due to the fact that I tried these guitars at Guitar Center (who rarely bother to set up guitars for the store), but I found all of the other SE's to be relatively uncomfortable and awkward compared to the Singlecut. The Singlecut just felt....right.

The singlecut is going to give you a thicker, fuller tone than the others as well in my opinion. Every custom 22 or 24 I tried in store just sounded sort of dead to my ears.

In terms of tuning I can attest to the fact that the Singlecut stays in tune about as well as any guitar I've owned, though I'm by no means blown away by how long it stays in tune. Could be better, but I've been happy with it.

I'd easily recommend the Singlecut to ya! Best of luck

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