Hi, I gave my guitar to a luthier to switch pickups and asked to achieve a particular combination of the pickups with a 5 way switch, and he asked to provide a wiring myself because he's not gonna work out the wiring himself.
Besides the fact that one with such experience probably could (or should be able to) in a very short time, fine by me.
So, I devised the following wiring:

Here I modified a SD wiring to have
position 1 => bridge hb
position 2 => bridge north coil + neck south coil
position 3 => neck south coil
position 4 => neck north coil
position 5 => neck hb

Do you think it's correct? If not, why?


PS: the images at the bottom list the positions of the original diagram, but here they have no relation with the wiring.
First, you've got the switch pinout wrong. The first and third lugs on the left side (as shown in your diagram) are Bridge and Neck, respectively. Same for the second and fourth lugs on the right side. You have the neck pickup going to the bridge lug and the bridge pickup going to the neck lug (that jumper wire would have to be moved to the fourth lug of the right side as well). Anyway, the position numbers I'm using refer to your list and would be the case if the switch wiring was drawn correctly.

The good news is that positions 1, 2, 3, and 5 should work (2 and 3 might be excessively noisy, though). The bad news is that position 4 is not possible with this switch and wiring setup.

As shown, position 4 will ground out the signal and act like a killswitch. If you remove the jumper wire going across the switch terminals, position 4 will then be the same as position 3 (it should be less noisy because it doesn't leave the end of the coil floating).

The reason this option is not possible is thanks to the fact that the switch shorts adjacent lugs in position 4. So it will always short out the top coil of the neck pickup, making it impossible to use that coil in that position. If you leave the "Middle" lug unconnected, you'll get this position to work but positions 2 and 3 will be screwed up.

I've been at this for a couple of hours and have redrawn the diagram every which way and can't make it have all the options you're wanting, even in a different switching order... Sorry, man. If someone can prove me wrong, I welcome it.

Anyway, some other issues... Positions 2 and 3 both leave one end of the neck pickup's top coil floating, which would introduce noise into the circuit, as it is exactly the same as connecting an antenna directly to the signal wire. When you split a humbucker (or tapped single-coil), you always want to short out the unused coil so that it is "electrically invisible" and won't act as a noise source.

In other words, if you want to use the bottom coil of the humbucker, the black, red, and white wires should all be connected; the signal would then be taken from these three wires and the green wire would be grounded. Another way to do it, if it is more convenient, is to only use the white and green wires and leave the black and red wires unconnected to anything (I forget whether the white or red belongs to the bottom coil in the SD color code).

If you have an out-of-phase sound in position 2, just swap the connections of the bridge pickup's green and black wires. This will have the bridge pickup's bottom coil active instead of the top coil. It will have no effect on the sound of position 1.

I suggest using a Superswitch or a different wiring scheme if you don't want to live with this one. Options with a standard 5-way are very limited.