**This is a song that was made due to spite**
時限爆弾 Time Bomb

Story on the song and where it comes from. 3 years ago (which feels like yesterday), I was a member of a Japanese band (bassist) with one purpose, to blend:

Electronic Music
Hard Rock Music
Japanese and English lyrics

However, the band split before our debut album was complete.

I went to music gatherings and cafes DAILY for almost a year to find new band members, but never could. Out of frustration and anger, I decided if anything was going to get done I had to do it myself. I bought a guitar/amp combo and began learning how to play. Then I bought another guitar. Then I bought another amp. Then another guitar, then another amp. Then mics, then a mixer, then another mixer, a head, two heads, another amp, another bass, another guitar, software, drum kit, cabinets, studio headphones, more studio headphones...you get the idea.

The journey was long, tedious, difficult and more than once I wanted to give up and never return, but for some reason (stupidity I believe), I continued. Now after nearly two years (as of three days ago) and all tired out, I have finished my "band's" first song.

Here it is
Also above too. 時限爆弾 Time Bomb

It's an instrumental. The song is called "Ji-Gen Baku-Dan" or Time Bomb, and it is a mix of electronic synthesizers, hard rock tone guitars, some odd time signature parts, etc.

Absolutely any and ALL criticism is welcome, I have thick skin and know I am very far from the best, or even good. What really matters to me right now is that I've actually finished something. It's like baking your first cake. It might barely look like a cake and taste horrible, but it's a cake, and I made it, and that's what this song is to me.

Feel free to bash the cake all you want, I'm just happy it's a cake.

-Jyo Sakata
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^^Thank you for giving feedback, I really appreciate. I have a very long way to go, that's for sure...but that's also why I joined here, so I can learn more.

Funny you mention the music grew on you, it was the same for me actually. EDIT: Not that I like it, more that I'm used to it now. When the band proposed this song originally, I didn't like it at all, but ultimately finished this song because it was the only instrumental and I can't sing.
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^^Thanks for the feedback, and I replied on your thread too.

I'm intrigued by your music, very interesting stuff mate, good on you.