I have an opportunity to pick up a 1980 Gibson Flying V in tobacco sunburst that is mostly in original condition. I was told the guitar had no prior breaks or repairs. After inspecting the guitar, it was easy to determine that there was actually a prior headstock repair. Just below the base of the headstock, there is a "v" shaped discoloration in the finish. The owner had no knowledge of the repair or the incident that caused the damage. The guitar is in solid shape otherwise, but having no history of the repair is a bummer. The ohsc is not included, as well. Is this guitar worth picking up? Assuming everything else is original, what would you consider paying?
Yep, Id buy. Id go to about Aussie $600... I have a Les Paul here that had the headstock snapped off it and repaired and its a solid guitar. Probably my favorite. I don't like to sell guitars so resale doesnt bother me. If I like it I'll buy it.