Hello there, so i have a question for you guys.
I have this old, cheap, beat up guitar. I want to repaint it myself. So here's what I want to know, do I have to buy the coloured lacquers and stuff off of Stewmac (super expensive), or can I go to home depot and use normal paint?
If your careful and patient you can get great results with standard rattlecan paint. I have had good results with krylon. They are harder to work with than nicer automotive finishes, which I use now but obviously easier to do a project with as you don't need spray equipment. There are many how to vids on youtube.
I am actually wanting to apply with a brush. i want a unique image and design on my guitar.

thanks that did help
yeah if you want it to look like airbrushing the a brush won't do it but if you want it to look like paint on canvas then go ahead with a brush....I have done a canvas type finish and I think it looks cool and unique. I actually used a roller for the base coat to give in pumps then did some brush work on top, then did very very light coats of clear lacquer until it was nice and built up for protection...I started really thinly because I used waterbased paint and lacquer eats the hell out of it if it goes on even remotely thickish
what do you mean by not getting good results with a brush? I'm curious, what would happen if I try to use a brush?
I think they meant it will be more difficult to get a smooth, even finish with a brush than with spray paint. Like if you were doing a solid color. If a painted on design is what you're after, a brush should work fine. It just depends what look you want.