I had the unbelievable privilege to spend a day with Aerosmith in Cincinnati, 7/22/14 due to the kindness of Joe Perry's Guitar Tech, Mr. Foster. What an amazing thrill to get to play sound check with the techs of the band - all pro players - using Joe Perry's rig. I apologize for the audio quality as the volume of these amazing rigs easily overwhelmed the mic on our camera. Aerosmith has been a band for 44 years with the same 5 members - their influence on me as a young guitar player was tremendous as it has been for so many.

thanks for checking this out! Yes, just amazing that he would go to the trouble to even get in touch with me - it was an amazing day!

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wow, so lucky but also great to see that they weren't dicks about you being near the rig as I have heard about some musicians. Jealous! :P
thanks for checking this out...and yes they were amazing to allow this to happen.