complaints like a cold garrote
hollow and livid
entangled in silent heat

a bridge decaying
appears normal by the street
lamplight reveals only the slightest, breach
boils beneath the haze
seeping through crumbling foundations

the sun tugs at the ground
reluctantly surfacing over shadowed waters
a mist of debris
dancing amongst the current

headwind carries the cry
married with the creaks of the forest
the moon dips beneath the bay
an alien sun rips through the shade

hanging by their final threads
curtains divide an empty room
no light is seen
High as a knife
Hey Johnny Depp here. I am 51 years old and have 75 bracelets on at all times. Like 20 necklaces too. Are you calling me, a 51 year old man who wears 75 bracelets and 20 necklaces at a time, a child?