I've been trying to find decent in-depth tutorials about plug-ins and effects such as limiters eq etc, and I'm currently watching a series on youtube on a channel called wickiemedia. The tutorials are great, but there isn't a lot of material covered unfortunately. I was just wondering whether anyone has some great videos/website they know of which explain plug-ins and their parameters? I'd really like to understand every (or at least most) of the effects and plug-ins in my DAW to be able to apply them properly and have a real sound understanding.
May sound obvious, boring and unrespectful, but included in the price you pay for software - or the price you don't pay if you're looking at free stuff, there's that document they call "instruction manual", which I highly suggest you checking out.

Then if you're up for some theory - or in other words knowing how a particular fx processor works in general, regardless of the manufacturer and model, go on wikipedia and look for the corresponding article.

Then if you stumble across an fx processor from a different brand but still is a compressor/expander/eq/harmonic exciter/transient shaper/whatever you know your way around it because the parameters of a compressor are always them and they usually label them the same way, and if in that particular model there's a knob never heard of before read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.
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One suggestion is to download the fee Audacity software. It is a free fully functional audio software that includes a ton of VST plug in stuff. Some of the names on the plug ins are a bit obsure and don't openly use words like compressor, limiter, EQ etc. but you know what they are when you open them and some are quite good, especially to get you use to using general VST effects. Hell it's free and is supported (and owned) by Sony Sound Forge which incorporated a great deal of the VSt items into it's own Sony Sound Forge library. Be sure when you download Audacity that you go to the page that allows you to download the additional VST plug ins. The last time I downloaded it there were about 100 additional plug ins, some great, some just good and some confusing. They are not better than stand alone VSTs (I personally love T-Racks Deluxe package) but they do work and you can't beat free.