Hey Guys!

I've been playing guitar for quite some time now. Over the years I've only had two pedals. One for distortion and one for reverb. It has always worked perfectly since I mostly been playing punk rock or hardcore. But over the years I've been given, traded and buying pedals, and I am now in the process of building a pedal board. My problem however is that I do not know a lot about how the pedal chain should work. Which pedal should go first and why etc. Having the music that I play (lets just say post-punk) in mind, how would you guys set up these pedals?

Tuner: Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-3
Chorus: Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5
Reverb: Holy Grail Reverb (Nano)
Delay: Way Huge Aqua Puss MK-II
Distortion: ProCo Rat (the original one)
Fuzz: Zvex Fuzz Factory
Boost: El Nano LPB-1
Loop: TC-Electronics Ditto

I'd say Tuner>Boost>Rat>Fuzz into the input then in the FX Loop do Loop>Delay>Reverb>Chorus. But try different arrangements to see what sounds you can make and what you like.
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Amps and the like:
Laney VH100R
Seismic Luke 2x12
Dunlop 105Q Wah
Gojira FX 808
Line 6 M9