Hi, I got this old guitar but the bridge only has 4 saddles on and I wondering what bridge this is and what type of saddles they are to get some more. Anyone know and any links for purchase of the saddles will be great.

Could you show a picture of the whole bridge area? it looks like some roller bridge to me. I'll do some research and try to find the correct one.

EDIT: I think that a manufacturer called "Teisco" makes trems and bridges in a very similiar style as that one, but I can't say for sure. But that ought to give you at least some direction.
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From the bit of trem I can see and the pickup l'm fairly sure it is early Japanese. You won't find new parts, and it would be a matter of luck if you find originals. I would replace the whole bridge. You could take it down to a repair shop and see if there are any more modern saddles that will fit - but the unusual design also makes that unlikely.
Hi, thanks for the reply and thanks for helping me out on this one. I'll check out Teisco and your image of the whole bridge area:

Hope this helps
It's a floating bridge that someone has screwed down. I would check the distance between the strings and the top of the guitar, and the string spacing. An internet search should find something . Here's an example:


The bottom might have to be sanded to shape.

Or something like this roller bridge on a suitable mounting block would be even better:

tune-o-matic abm

Took like 30 seconds on google.
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